A Harry Potter Music Box for His Birthday

harry potter movie credits

The Big One – Oh.

So, it was my oldest’s birthday today. He’s 10 now. It’s crazy. I still remember when he was born, how everyone said “enjoy it, they grow up so fast”. I sure got sick of hearing that, but I can’t say it’s untrue.

Enter Harry Potter

Anyway, where’s Harry Potter come into the mix? Over the past few years, we’ve been reading the books and watching the movies together. In fact, the Featured Image on this post is from when he and I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban during the special theatrical re-release last October. Our youngest has gotten into the books and recently finished off Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when we weren’t able to complete the audiobook during a recent road trip (he’s now started Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ).

So, young Mr. Potter has become kind of a big thing in our house. My oldest dressed in his Harry Potter quidditch robes for Halloween at school. He collects the vintage Lego sets when we go to brick-con. I even got him a replica of Harry’s wand for his last birthday.

This year, I wanted to keep up the trend. I was looking for something related to the books and movies. He and his brother have really taken to listening to various soundtracks on their Echo Dot (oh my god, you should hear them struggle to get Alexa to understand them!). So I wanted to do something music related. Then I remembered something that had crossed my feed before. Music Boxes. So, I hopped on to Amazon and found various Harry Potter music boxes. On a side note, did you know the name of the melody you probably associate with Harry Potter is titled “Hedwig’s Theme“? So, after searching, I settled on the one to the left. Long story short, it arrived, it was wrapped and then unwrapped, and he loves it.

Did I Find Someone’s Side Hustle?

Something stuck out to me while I was searching though. I wanted one that not only had the music, but was affordable, and identifiable from the outside as being a Harry Potter related item. So I dug more into the seller’s store and what did I find? A very clever idea. I found 23 themed music boxes. They all have the same form factor, a little round box and they’re all wrapped in a design that ties to the music, from Game of Thrones to Star Wars. If I had to guess, I’d bet this is someone’s side hustle. They buy the mechanisms in bulk most likely, and the boxes. Then partner with a printing shop that can meet their quality needs. Boom, simple product, easy to assemble, unique enough to draw sales, and not to prices (only $19). Here’s to you esdemusicashop. Best of luck!