Amazon textbook rentals – Less Beaten by school books

box of textbooks

Good Riddance Textbooks!

I just dropped a package off with UPS. It was a reused Amazon box with two textbooks I rented. If you’re a college student, I’m pretty sure you hate textbooks. They’re expensive, often unneeded, and just a general pain in the butt. I try to avoid buying them for my classes if at all possible, but often, you can’t avoid them. In addition, I’m going to school remotely. I don’t have an on or off-campus bookstore to go to. I do have the Internet. I’m in my second year of taking courses online and up until now, I’ve simply bought my textbooks (used if possible) through Amazon. This time around, I opted to rent. I was a little apprehensive, I wasn’t sure how it’d work. It turns out it was remarkably simple. Here’s how it went:

  • Select the textbook.
  • Select the rental term.
  • Order the book.
  • Use the book for the course.
  • Request a return shipping label and packing slip.
  • Return the books.

Free Return Shipping on Textbook Rentals

One of my biggest concerns was return shipping. As anyone who’s done any private shipping knows, it can be really expensive. Having a free return label worked great. Not to mention that I rented the books for a semester and one of my friends took the same course a quarter later so we were able to split the cost of the rental.

Free Prime Shipping for Students!

On top of physical textbook rental, Amazon has E-Textbook rental and they’ll buy your old textbooks. Next time your classes approach, or you finish them up, take a look at what Amazon has to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer. Oh, and as a student, you’ve got access to free two-day shipping from Amazon, just click on the banner below!

Image Credits: Patrick