Hostinger – Less Beaten by bluehost

Don’t get me wrong, bluehost is a good host, and I enjoyed their service, but with a lot of hosting plans, you can easily buy more than you need or pay for more than you are using. After my second year of bluehost expired, I went looking for a less expensive host. My requirements were pretty simple, I was looking for:

  • Less expensive
  • Supports WordPress
  • Has a clear migration path

Sorting through the noise

There’s a ton of hosts out there, a ton of sites recommending this host or that. After doing a lot of digging I landed on Hostinger. They’re inexpensive. I paid $44 for three years of hosting versus about $80 for bluehost. The site does seem a tad slower, especially navigating the WordPress admin pages, but overall, this site is still an exploratory project that barely pays for itself in good years. I can always bump up to a higher tier package later.

What do you get?

I should state here that I tried to get an affiliate link to earn money referring people to Hostinger, but they declined my account. I’m still making this post because I think they offer a good service at a great price point. For my $1/month plan I get SSL, 10GB of storage, 100GB of bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases, etc. Plenty to run a modest WordPress site on. Hostinger even has a great tutorial on how to migrate your WordPress site over from another webhost.


Looking for inexpensive hosting with a reasonably deep feature set? Hostinger is a great option. They make it easy to migrate your existing WordPress site. If you’re looking for a budget webhost, it’s hard to go wrong here. What are your thoughts? What host do you use? Have any questions about my experience? Feel free to hit up the comments section.