So you want to go bikepacking

I’ve been setting myself various cycling goals over the past few years. After narrowly missing a total of 2,000 miles in 2019, I set my sights on 2,000 miles for 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, and the time recovered not commuting, I ended up over 4,000 miles on the year.

My goal for 2021 was at least on metric century per month (100 km or 62.1 miles). I ended up with all of those metric centuries, 5,000 miles on the year, and a longest ride of almost 118 miles, across the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

This year I was looking for something different. I stumbled upon a video on GCN+ called Fastest Known Time (preview below). In this video, endurance racer, Lael Wilcox, attempts to get a record time on a cycling route that travels the length of Oregon, South to North, at a total of approximately 360 miles. This route is known as the Oregon Outback.

While Lael rode this route nonstop, I discussed it with a friend and we decided to make a bikepacking trip out of it. That’s this year’s challenge, a 360 mile bikepacking trip across Oregon. In this series of posts I’ll talk about some of my logistics, my ride prep, my gear selection, and in general, hone my thinking on this endeavor. Feel free to follow along on this journey.

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