How to watch streaming media? Roku!


Cut the cord and enjoy freedom with a Roku streaming device

Roku Premiere
Roku Premiere

Rokus have long been my preferred streaming device for eace of use. I’ve recommended them to many friends. It’s a crowded market out there an Roku have long benefitted by supporting the widest array of common streaming video services, including Plex. In the past, Amazon PrimeVideo was one of the services that wasn’t on all devices. As they compete with Netflix you wouldn’t always see both services supported by the same hardware. I’ve recommended these to friends and family for several years now.

I started with the Roku 2 models and moved on to Roku 3s. I got a 4K TV for Father’s Day. It has Chromecast functionality built into it, and while Chromecast is nice, the Roku is far easier to use. The remote is one of it’s best features. There are two remote options, the cheap remote operates via IR (infrared) and the enhanced remote operates via RF (radio frequency). What that means, is, if you have the enhanced remote, you don’t have to point the remote at the device for it to receive the signal. You can have the Roku hidden in a cabinet or mounted to the back of your television and it will still work fine. In addition, the remote is extremely minimalist. Most of them have a headphone jack for private listening. They have simple play controls and a volume button that will control any HDMI-CEC enabled devices that you have connected. Ours does wonders with our Vizio soundbar that I reviewed.

I decided to pull the trigger on an upgrade when I heard they were on sale. The Roku Premier is normally $69.99, you can get it right now for $46.99 on Amazon. I’ve had an Apple TV and while the newer ones seem nice, the Apple TV version 2 that I have is basically abandonware. I have a Shield TV as well and while I like it, it is more of a power user device and price range. Most modern game consoles will handle streaming services as well, but the remotes tend to be sub-par. If you’re looking for something that’s well supported and easy to use, this is your device.

You know, I learned something today

My Roku Premier arrived from Amazon today, and I found out it comes with the standard IR remote. That was quickly addressed by swapping it out with the enhanced remote from the Roku 3 it was replacing (you have to wait until after the guided setup to pair with the enhanced remote). If this is your first Roku and you’re looking for an enhanced remote, then you’d be better off looking at the Premier+. That model also comes with a built-in ethernet port instead of wireless only connection.

How about you? What do you use? What devices have you tried?