Why I spent 15 minutes looking for little blue glass bottles.

Tonight, I get the kids in bed, then my wife tells me how she got her eyebrows waxed earlier in the day. No biggie, I thought. Then she mentions this little, cold, blue glass bottle that the beautician had her hold on her brows to reduce the redness. She mentions how great it worked. Huh… the things we do for fashion. She talks about how they’d help with the tension headache she’s currently fighting. She decides she wants one for Christmas…

A minute later she’s decided she wants one as a late anniversary present. Well, we’re a pretty casual couple and our anniversary was handled as a pretty normal day. I went to parkour, she watched the kids and cooked dinner. So we’re off on a favorite pastime, “Who can find it on Amazon first?” This is somewhere I excel, and it’s really helped in support as well. It’s on!

What follows bellow are my actual search strings as I try to find this mystery cold blue glass bottle.

Glass Ice Pack


Glass Ice Pack Soothing


Glass Cold Therapy

Way off.

Glass Cold Pack

Not it.

Cold Headache Relief

Still no dice!

Cold Headache Relief Glass

The fourth link down when using that search string is it!

I linked to green, there’s something wrong with the blue item where Amazon links don’t show images properly. So, I’m ordering a pair. If you’ve followed how I changed my keywords, you can see a bit of how an effective user navigates through search results.

On the flip side, if search engine optimization is your thing, looking at how hard it was to find these shows an opportunity. I’m just starting to scratch the surface of that world, so I don’t have a lot of advice there. However, this whole concept of being aware of these challenges ties into a great episode of Side Hustle School on observation.

What are your search techniques?  Put me to shame!