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Yes, your belt…

So, yeah, the title sounds a little off, but, I had to stick with the theme. If you wear belts, no doubt you’ve been frustrated by them. The holes are never positioned correctly. If they are, they stretch. Even the most disciplined of us has a little variation in the diameter of our waists. Throughout my life, I’ve battled belts. Unsuccessfully I might add. I got tired of searching racks and then wondering if the size on the belt really does match the size on my pants. I was over it. Then I got introduce to a new type of belt.

Mission Belts were the gateway

Mission Belt
Mission Belt

I first learned about Mission belts from my wife when I got one for Christmas two years ago. They’re awesome. Instead of your standard belt buckle and belt with holes, these belts use a ratcheting buckle which interlocks with a set of rubber ridges on the back of the belt. The leather strip itself just clips into the buckle. This makes it super easy to replace the leather if necessary (something I finally did on my old belt) and retain your buckle. This keeps the cost down too. The styles range from casual to dress and it’s exceptionally easy to mix and match colors and styles as you desire.  If you have trouble finding a belt that fits right, you can buy longer than you need and cut the end of the leather that clips into the buckle. It’s a simple process and doesn’t leave you with a bunch of ugly, stretched-out,  holes in your belt.

Looking for something more casual? How about Grip 6?

Grip 6 Belt
Grip 6 Belt

Next, I found Grip 6. I love my mission belt, but sometimes I find the strap a little thin when I’m going for a more casual look. Enter Grip 6. Instead of the genuine leather used by Mission, Grip 6 uses nylon webbing. You buy the buckles and straps separately and can mix and match them easily. Swap buckles or straps in literally seconds. The buckles are typically minimalist pieces of metal with a slot on each side.  The process is incredibly simple but takes a time or two until you understand how it works. With these belts, there’s no ratchet, only friction. It works incredibly well. Perhaps my favorite part of these belts is the satisfying whistle/zip sound they make when you take them off. They’ve got a buckle and webbing combo for everyone so if you can’t find what you’re looking for through my Amazon affiliate link, check out their site directly. That will mean you miss out on your Prime 2-day shipping though… I bet you’ll survive.

How do you hold your pants up?

What’s your secret? Elastic, rope, suspenders? Have you tried any of these belts or have another secret? Hit us up in the comments and tell us what helps you hide your underwear.

Image Credits: Winston Mcleod