Why is my blog titled Less Beaten?

Well, it’s a double entendre and I love wordplay. First, I’ve lead a rather unconventional life. I’ve not taken the normal path, I’ve taken the path less beaten.  You can read my story to learn more. Secondly, I don’t like to let life beat me down, I stand up to or go around rules and obstacles that others treat as immovable. Most of that has been greatly to my benefit when it’s not to my benefit I adapt and try again.

In computer programming, there’s a school of thought called “agile”. One of the tenants of agile is “fail fast”. The concept being, make small, incremental improvements rather than investing in a giant monolithic effort. That way, when you go off course, you can get back on track quicker and with less effort.

I plan to share my stories to help provide encouragement to others who may wish to buck the status quo or who may be facing some of the challenges I’ve side-stepped.

This blog is the next step in my journey. I’ve been listening to the Side Hustle School Podcast, the Tom Woods show, and listening to successful side projects and have decided to see what I can find on the side. I’m going to do this while sharing my knowledge, experiences, and solutions with you.

This blog will feature but not be limited to several themes:

Lessons I’ve Learned – I’ll walk you through learning experiences I’ve had, some autobiographical, some about others.
Solutions I’ve Found – When I don’t like something (Comcast TV service for example) I look for ways around it. I’ll detail what I’ve done that has and hasn’t work, as different solutions work for different people and different circumstances.
Media I’ve Enjoyed – If you find yourself like me, you don’t have a lot of time for Movies, TV, and/or Books. I’ll review some of the ones I’ve found either most entertaining or most enlightening. If you find you think like me, you’ll probably enjoy some of the same media as me.
Blogs and Podcasts I’m Consuming – I don’t have a lot of free time but I love learning. I also am rather tired of the repetitive junk they play on the radio. So, I fill my driving time and chore time with audiobooks and Podcasts. I’ll turn you on to the better stuff I find.
Hustles I’m Exploring – This blog is one of them (can I make any money on ads or affiliate links). I’ll potentially try marketing solutions. I’m going to be exploring A/B testing with my content and formatting. I plan on doing is lots of analysis of the traffic I get to validate what are my areas of most impact so I can focus there. I’m big on data and would love to share some of my insights with you.

So come on in. Take a seat. Read. Join the conversation. Tell me what I can do better and what I’m doing well. If I’m not helping you, I’m not succeeding. Let’s take control, solve problems, and have fun!

Image Credits: Trekking Rinjani