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I got my work back from Fiverr a few days ago. The worker was quick. I’ve been behind in getting new posts published while I dealt with finals and holiday stuff. Now you’ve seen my logo. I’m quite pleased with it. It may not be a super flashy logo, but I wasn’t looking for one. I wanted something minimalist and simple. I wanted it to work for a thumbnail in the browser tab, etc. It’s readily identifiable, unique, and a start on my branding.


Now that I have a decent amount of posts, and some basic branding, I’m going to ask Tom Woods to promote my blog on his show. That’s one of his offers when you sign up for hosting through his link. You get SEO help as he’ll also include a link to your sight on his show notes. Once I do that though, I really need to be committed to constant updates, at least three times a week. I think I’ll have to take advantage of writing ahead of time and letting WordPress auto-publish for me.

Working with Vectors

I paid extra for the larger package for my logo. One of the options I got was the vector file. What that means, if it’s an alien term to you, is that the logo is drawn using shapes rather than finite pixels. That means it can be enlarged and modified without a loss in quality. I wanted to do a couple of tweaks, like cut the text off so I grabbed the .ai file (that’s Adobe Illustrator) and then a free vector editing software package, Inkscape. I figured out that Inkscape doesn’t support .ai files natively but does support .svg so I found a website that could convert .ai to .svg so I could do some simple cropping of the logo. The result is what you see as the featured image for this post.

…and You?

So what are your thoughts? Are you considering trying out Fiverr or have you already used them? How do you like the logo?

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  1. Howdy. I heard the Tom Woods promo and I am also cord-cutting, so I decided to play along and check you out. I have read most of your posts and I am happy to say I enjoyed them and I will continue to pick up what you’re putting down. I’ve been doing the Plex type thing for a while but the Ubiquity and OPNsense bird-dogs were real eye-openers, super-thanks, I’ll be pursuing this on your recommendation (and affiliate link). Looking forward to more! Best wishes.

    1. Glad to have you aboard. Let me know if you have any questions researching or implementing Ubiquiti, OPNsense or anything of the like. I’ve learned a lot from others and I’d be glad to share. If you’re going the Ubiquiti route, I was recently made aware of the Cloud offering by some friends. Ubiquiti lets you manage multiple access points using their software. You can run it on a computer like you do, or, if you don’t have call to have a computer on all the time (although you are running Plex…) then you can opt for one of these: Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key. Have a great day and thanks for checking out my blog!

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