The Blog’s Getting a Logo – Less Beaten by Plain Text

Logo at last!

Welp, I did it, I bit the bullet and went to Fiverr and commissioned a logo. The artist I selected commits to a 24 hour turnaround. I’m rather excited to see what happens. It’s funny, I opted for the middle of the road package. This is a concept that Chris from Side Hustle School suggests. If you have a tiered offering, you can attract interest with the low price, up-sell to the higher priced package and then have an inspirational level this makes the middle tier seem more affordable and gives you an opportunity for higher dollar sales.

I also used a coupon. I always search for coupons. The coupon code was simple “DEAL10” and got me 10% off. Again, another touch that made the $25 package emotionally more affordable.

Once I selected my artist and ordered, I had a quick questionnaire to fill out. It had basic details like what text did I want, what colors, what was the theme. I gave some general tips and provided my blog URL. I’ll post again when I have more details on the process and results.

2 Comments on “The Blog’s Getting a Logo – Less Beaten by Plain Text”

  1. Nice logo. I had some curious experiences with Fiverr. Two said they needed more information then closed down comments so I could not give them more information. I did find a fellow who did a good job. It was a less beaten way after a bit of abuse.

    I am interested in the whole less beaten idea. I have had my figurative teeth kicked in over this whole affiliate marketing thing. It ain’t as easy as they say. In fact, it is darned difficult. So, if nothing else, commiseration about the beatings will be nice.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Here’s the person I worked with: I suppose I lucked out with my first pass. At the price point I was willing to take the risk and walk away if it was too much effort.

      As for the affiliate marketing side of things, I’ve only started to scratch the surface there. Right now I’ve seen good success from Amazon (since my friends have purchased loads after clicking on my link) but I’ve really only made a few pennies via adsense off any external traffic.

      My big bet is to see which of the topics I cover gets the most attention and then double-down my efforts there. It could be a while and building traffic is going to be a big part of that. Through those efforts I’m hoping to come up with a digital product, an e-book perhaps.

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