Oregon Outback Route – Day 3

Let’s dial it back a notch. After back to back days over hundred miles, I’m assuming some general fatigue will be setting in. Day 3 will take us through Ochoco National Forest. I considered just splitting the rest of the route in half, that would have us overnighting in Antelope. Reports for camping in Antelope are pretty sparse, with no public sites available and some people finding a friendly lawn to camp on. Shaniko is about 10 miles further down the road and has camping available at the public park in the center of town.

While day 3 might not have the most miles in the saddle, 75.7, there’s a lot of elevation, 6,125′ to be exact. This sets the whole ride up with positive splits (every day being fewer miles in the saddle than the one prior). Shaniko is one of the last restocking points on the ride and home to a reportedly rather surly general store owner.

The last thing to consider for me when splitting things up this way is the wind. Having ridden the Gorge Gravel Grinder before, I know the wind on that last leg, above the Columbia River can be bad. Keeping the mileage down for day four sounded like a good plan.

Next up, routing, day 4, the final leg.

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